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Many businesses, bloggers, and SEO experts perform certain practices to increase their website authority and traffic.

But at times they spend it doing things which do not align with their SEO goals.

Are you also looking for ways to increase your SERP’s results?

Well, one of the best SEO practices is “Social Bookmarking.”

This is a way to relate your blog or website to a different niche to get backlinks with organic search traffic.

Let’s explain to you about Social bookmarking, the benefits of doing it in 2024, and the latest & top 1000 free social bookmarking sites list. 

What is Social Bookmarking?

It is a simple method where users can store and manage different bookmarks of their favourite web pages.

There are numerous or even 1000 free social bookmarking sites available on the internet. Some of them like news and others are public, which means they can be viewed by the other members of the social sites where they are stored. This technology is used to save time and get benefits in business.

Domain Authority (DA) – Domain Authority or DA is offered by Moz and is leveraged to predict the ranking of a website on search engines’ result in pages (SERPs). The DA score ranges from 1 to 100, and the highest is better in terms of more top rankings.

Dofollow websites are those websites that provide backlinks and pass the link juice to another website. This helps boost the Domain authority of the linked blog or website.

No-follow websites are those websites that provide backlinks but don’t pass the link juice to another website. Such sites can help you to drive a good amount of traffic if you use them wisely.

Benefits of Social Bookmarking

A real community builds up around the idea of social bookmarking. This is eventually becoming a network of people where trading of information is happening. With the right list of bookmarks, it won’t take much time for your website and blog to get more hits than before.

Some of the Benefits of Social Bookmarking Sites are:

  • The social bookmarking site helps to drive quality traffic to a website.
  • Search engines follow results frequently from bookmarking sites, which means extra benefits to get priority in the search engines. Many search engines will index your page right from the moment you have bookmarked on a bookmarking site.
  • This helps in intensive website promotion. If people bookmark a link in more than one site, the links get wider opening within a few days and traffic enhances manifolds.
  • Links coming from popular bookmarking communities are considered backlinks to your website. Commonly backlinks are used by the algorithm to assign a rank on the web page. Backlinks coming from bookmarks is deemed to be natural and hence improve the ranking.
  • The links coming from backlinks are accompanied by descriptive text. This helps in the identification of keywords. The keywords get indexed by search engines along with the links.
  • Such sites help you in improving the Domain Authority of the website.

How to do Social Bookmarking?

Many businesses are trying to do social bookmarking but do you know how to do it effectively?

All social bookmarking sites for SEO do not work in the same manner.

Before submitting your website or blog, you must understand their rules and regulations.

Some high PR Social bookmarking sites like and strictly do not allow spamming.

For such types of social sharing sites, you have to build your profile by submitting high-quality and authority blog posts from other websites as well. You should also comment, re-share, and upvote other’s posts.

For extra benefits, you need to create innovative titles, add target keywords in tags, creative descriptions, or keyword fields, and choose categories wisely.

Top 1000 Social Bookmarking Sites List – Latest & Free

Download Social Bookmarking Sites List
No need to open each link manually. Save your time! Download Google Sheet updated with all the stats including DA, TF, Spam Score and Traffic.

Let’s start with the top and best social bookmarking sites lists for SEO 2024

SitesDASpam ScoreTraffic
Twitter931%4 b
Reddit901%1.6 b
Pinterest942%803 m
Tumblr888%394 m
Feedly8911%82.6 m
Behance924%52.4 m
Getpocket911%45.3 m
Dribble924%19.9 m
Plurk887%14 m
Dzone791%12.8 m
Weheartit785%12.3 m
Digg923%11.8 m
Slashdot911%11.6 m
Flipboard891%10.9 m
Scoop921%8.6 m
Fark744%8 m
Myspace951%8 m
Metafilter772%6 m
Pearltrees8633%3.7 m
Mix841%2.4 m
Diigo893%2.3 m
Instapaper851%2.1 m
Techdirt801%1.4 m
URL Org4728%36k
  1. Twitter
    bookmars twitter
    Twitter is not only for chronicling episodes of Game of Thrones.
    The “re-tweet” function allows keeping track of favorite articles, links, pictures, and videos. With a huge user base, it provides an excellent branding platform for business.
    While Twitter might not be the first site to come to your mind for submitting content, but it has a vast audience of 4 Billion that makes it efficient for posting.
    Some of the topmost countries from where Twitter derives traffic are:
    – US: 21.80%,
    – Japan: 12.34%
    – UK: 5.86%
    – Brazil: 5.09%, and Turkey: 4.50%.
    A considerable amount of people use to post links, images, the content of their interest, and find them worthy of revisiting.
    How it works: You put your approval stamp on the posted content when bookmarking a link. You can start the social side of bookmarking by posting valuable and informative content that your reader deems significant to devote time to reading. Bookmarking your content and backlinking it to website draws more traffic to the website and hence influences your SEO.
  2. Reddit
    reddit bookmark
    Reddit is among the most demanding and selective social sharing website with 1.6 Billion traffic.
    This platform was initially clogged mostly with gaming discussion, but now people started talking about other topics as well, and it is capable of getting significant traffic.
    Users can submit links to articles, image, videos, and stores that they find interesting. But it’s not easy to submit your blog posts here.
    One needs to upvote and resubmit other’s posts on Reddit. This improves the Reddit karmas.
    Once you have received sufficient karma, you can submit the blog posts easily.
    Simultaneously, add posts related to news and from popular websites so that people comment or upvote your posts.
    Some of the topmost countries from where Reddit derives traffic are:
    – US: 38.35%
    – UK: 7.26%
    – Canada:5.85%
    – Germany: 3.31%,
    – Australia: 3.04%
    How it works: Reddit’s structure of sub-reddits considers tagged keywords and then turns them into online forums. Here, users can post links that have keyword corresponding to the subreddit. This way you can get upvotes from the community members.
  3. Pinterest
    pinterest bookmark
    This is the most popular graphical content distribution and social media platform with 803 million traffic. Users can discover content on any topic in the graphics format. The best part is it is easy to use.
    Just create an account on Pinterest, and it will allow you to choose from different categories.
    But before that, you need to create a board with keyword rich description, titles, and choose a relevant category.
    You can also invite others to pin on your board.
    Some of the topmost countries from where Pinterest derives traffic are:
    – US: 36.87%
    – Brazil: 8.64%
    – India: 4.32%
    – Turkey: 3.48%
    – Poland: 2.45%

    How it works:
    Look for pin boards that are relevant and join them. You can’t join them directly; you need the invitation to post on the group board. Follow the admin of the group for the invitation, re-pin the pins and wait for the admin to notice you or you can send them a personal request message. Try to be social rather than just promoting your blog in groups. Pinterest is a high traffic source for people having rich graphical content like designs, themes, and infographic. You can use promoted pins to let your best work highlight.
  4. Tumblrtumblr homepage screenshot
    Tumblr is a mix of social media and blogging, an interactive platform to share different types of media. It has blogging functionality of a blog platform like WordPress and also includes features of social site like hashtags, sharing, liking and following. Started in Feb 2017, it currently encompasses 394 million traffic. The 50% of Tumblr users are under the age group of 25, out of which 53.5% of visitors are female.
    Some of the topmost countries from where Tumblr derives traffic are:
    – US: 32.48%
    – UK: 5.85%
    – Brazil: 4.62%
    – Canada: 4.32%
    – Germany: 3.62%
    How it works: With these massive numbers, there is no doubt that Tumblr is a huge powerhouse. You can create your profile and start adding links to other profiles of yours; this will give you a huge social stack from some of the major websites. This is owned by Yahoo which is just a bonus. Links from Tumblr are dofollow ones, unlike most other social networks. You can have full control on how your account appears including dofollow links on your site. Things get interesting when you enter into the social aspect of Tumblr that is “re-blogging”, and if you have a popular post, it will be reposted with many other users. This means if your post is re-blogged 100 times, then you got 100 dofollow backlinks.
  5. Feedlyfeedly homepage
    Feedly is a news aggregator application for multiple web browser and mobile devices running on Android and iOS. Here you can select new sources and create an overview with news that you think is relevant.Feedly has a limited effect on your Google ranking or other engines, but it helps you attract new traffic to the website, especially of the RSS feed.
    Some of the topmost countries from where Feedly derives traffic are:
    – US: 26.32%
    – Japan: 19.64%
    – Brazil: 5.16%
    – Spain: 3.82%
    – UK: 3.66%
    How it works: Feedly has the traffic of 82.6 million, which means immense potential for businesses to get traffic. You can make an account on Feedly and add your own RSS feed to your account. Then promote your Feedly account to your website. You will get faster results by promoting your RSS feed to most of the popular feeds from Feedly.
  6. Behance
    behance homepage
    This is an Adobe website that allows designers to showcase their work and lets you put more than one link. It is the best social media website for designers with the traffic of 52.4 million. Beyond its designer perspective, it is a great source of high DA dofollow backlink.
    Some of the topmost countries from where Behance derives traffic are:
    – US: 11%
    – Brazil: 7.46%
    – India: 5.95%
    – China: 5.91%
    – Russia: 4.45%
    How it works: The first thing you need to have is an article with 500-700 words that have targeted keywords as well. Set up your account with profile picture and bio for best usage. A good profile is noticeable to search for both your traffic generation and local SEO. If you are a part of an organization, you can set up team pages as well.
  7. Pocket (Traffic 45.3 million)
    getpocket homepage
    You can save images, content, and video to read for later, and it also sends traffic to your website.
    Some of the topmost countries from where Pocket derives traffic are:
    – US: 34.87%
    – Canada: 8.92%
    – Brazil: 4.31%
    – UK: 3.75%
    – India: 3.67%
  8. Dribbble (Traffic 19.9 million)
    dribble homepage
    It doesn’t matter if you are looking to stay updated with the designs or want some good backlinks. Dribble is there for you. You should start with finding good stock and HQ image to create a designer-like photo. Then upload the picture to your Dribble account and include a backlink. If you have a design team or you are a designer, this is an excellent place to get the traffic.
    Some of the topmost countries from where Dribble derives traffic are:
    – US: 13.86%
    – China: 10.53%
    – India: 8.98%
    – Brazil: 5.01%
    – UK: 3.73%
  9. Plurk (Traffic 14 million)
    plurk homepage
    You have to create a Plurk account to start posting. It allows you to share website URL, Image, Video, and Content online. It is somewhat similar to Twitter as it wants users to stick to 210 text characters when sharing content.
    Some of the topmost countries from where Plurk derives traffic are:
    – Taiwan: 74%
    – US: 10.34%
    – HongKong: 3.13%
    – India: 2.24%
    – Japan: 1.12%
  10. DZone (12.8 million)
    dzone homepage
    This is a site for website owners and web developers in all programming languages right from python to java to HTML5.
    Some of the topmost countries from where Dzone derives traffic are:
    – India: 19.28%
    – US: 13.76%
    – UK: 4.35%
    – Poland: 4.12%
    – China: 3.62%
  11. WeHeartIt (12.3 million)

    This platform has a visual-based interface where users can find popular images and drive inspiration from trending topics. This is available in more than 20 languages; WeHeartIt user can submit and bookmark their content for backlink purposes. This is great for someone who loves pictures.
    Some of the topmost countries from where Weheartit derives traffic are:
    – US: 16.20%
    – Brazil: 10.86%
    – UK: 3.70%
    – Mexico: 3.41%
    – France: 3.38%
  12. Digg (11.8 million)
    Digg shares top stories from the internet. It is a perfect platform for sharing content with a highly engaged audience. It features the best videos, articles, and organic content.
    Some of the topmost countries from where Digg derives traffic are:
    – US: 67.76%
    – Canada: 6.24%
    – UK: 3.67%
    – Australia: 2.36%
    – Brazil: 1.92%
  13. Slashdot (11.6 million)
    Slashdot is a social news website that is self-titled as “News for nerds.” It hosts stories on science and technology that means it is an ultimate bookmarking site for tech-geeks. It has features like new stories on science, technology, book review, management, and politics that are submitted and evaluated by site users and editors.
    Some of the topmost countries from where Slashdot derives traffic are:
    – US: 66.82%
    – Canada: 6.33%
    – UK: 4.15%
    – Australia: 2.15%
    – India: 1.85%
  14. Flipboard (10.9 million)
    This is a personalized news app and is used by a million people. It gathers popular stories, news, and conversations so that the users can sit back and flip through the latest stories. In short, it curates the stories of the world so that you can focus on financing yourself in the topics that interest you and get involved in it.
    Some of the topmost countries from where Flipboard derives traffic are:
    – US: 48.10%
    – Canada: 5.44%
    – UK: 5.28%
    – Brazil: 4.98%
    – Spain: 4.25%
  15. (Traffic 8.6 Million)
    scoop it homepage
    It is a hybrid of content curation and social media platform. It allows non-profit organizations, professionals and businesses to leverage content via content marketing automation, content curation and content intelligence. Here you can select from free or paid plans based on how many topics you want to post.
    Some of the topmost countries from where derives traffic are:
    – India: 13.01%
    – US: 9.65%
    – Turkey: 8.58%
    – France: 8.12%
    – Brazil: 3.23%
  16. Fark (Traffic 8 Million)
    fark hompage
    This community website let members comment on a daily set of a news article from various websites. It is a news aggregator and humorous site with content submitted by the Fark community.
  17. MySpace (Traffic 8 Million)
    myspace homepage
    This American social networking website offers an interactive and user-submitted network of personal profiles, friend, groups, blogs, videos, and music.
  18. MetaFilter (Traffic 6 Million)
    metafilter homepage
    You have to be an active member minimum for a week before you can share a link here. This means you have to comment, interact, and share content with other community members before this platform gives you access to share a link.
  19. Pearl Trees (Traffic 3.7 Million)
    pearltrees homepage
    This is a place where you can save your videos, images, and content in the same place. You can easily upload personal content as it has an easy-to-use interface.
  20. Mix (Traffic 2.4 Million)
    mix homepage
    StumbleUpon was among the original and popular social bookmarking site that discovers content and recommends the similar interest content to the users. It became Mix in 2018. This platform allows you to create a webpage, videos, images and will enable you to rate them based on your taste and interest. It is also known as a discovered search engine as it creates personalized web result based on interest.
  21. Diigo (Traffic 2.3 Million)
    diigo homepageIt keeps user organized with lists and add-on features on the browser like post-it notes and highlights. It is a powerful research tool and a great social bookmarking site. With the help of this platform, anyone can add notes and highlights to any web page. Students, educators, researchers and anyone with an intrusive mind like this as it makes tracking and resources easier. The content here is focused on analytics, statistics, or research of any industry.
  22. Insta Paper (Traffic 2.1 Million)
    instapaper homepage
    It has a cool interface that allows users to save articles on Android or iPhone to read it offline, anytime, on-the-go.
  23. Techdirt (Traffic 1.4 Million)
    techdirt homepage
    From technology to government politics stories, Techdirt blog has all the news. This platform also allows users to post their stories.
  24. Papaly (Traffic 656K)
    papaly homepage
    The Papaly browser extension helps in organizing and saving bookmarks into boards and categories.
  25. Folkd (Traffic 511K)
    folkd homepage
    Folkd works in the same manner to other bookmarking sites. You can use the star-button to upvote and discover top trending stories.
  26. Ttlink (Traffic 349 K)
    ttlink homepage
    Ttlink is the work of economic forum community, events, and knowledge platform. It has an event section that is available for the iPad. And you need to be a Forum constituent with valid TtLink account for this app.
  27. BibSonomy (Traffic 258K)
    bibsonomy homepage
    This is the medical social bookmarking site for health-related things. The platform helps you manage publications and bookmarks, to collaborate with colleagues, and find interesting material for research.
  28. Delicious (Traffic 170K)
    delicious homepage
    You create your search engine here with the links you have saved. This is a bookmarking site for storing, sharing and discovering web bookmarks. This also allows the users to tag them with any keywords. If you want to build up maximum traction on your content then this a great bookmarking site.
  29. Listly (Traffic 198K)
    listly homepage
    Listly helps publisher and bloggers engage the reader with evolving viral lists. It builds 10 listed created by the community.
  30. BookMark4You (Traffic 83K)
    bookmark4you homepage
    This is a social bookmarking portal that allows you to save interesting website links just in one click. This is designed for bookmarking a different kind of links from various application/browser that interests the user.
  31. BizSugar (Traffic 62K)
    bizsugar homepage
    Just same way to Reddit user can use “sugars” or upvote to push new tips to the homepage. This is the most relevant platform for small business topics. It helps in building reputation and brand authority. You can share business tips, news, blog post and information with the small business owners and entrepreneurs.
  32. Snapzu (Traffic 66K)
    snapzu homepage
    This is a platform for web content discovery and aggregation, where users can provide content and decide what goes, what stands out through community approval.
  33. Crazy Backlinks (Traffic 51K)
    crazybacklink homepage
    Crazy Backlink is a free social bookmarking site. This platform is dedicated on categorizing site for backlink building.
  34. 1look4 (Traffic 48K)
    1look4 homepage
    This allows multiple users to share stories and tag their favorite links online.
  35. Sqworl (Traffic 46K)
    sqworl homepage
    Sqworl allows organizing and sharing multiple links with one URL. This is an easy and clean visual bookmarking for educators.
  36. Sociopost (Traffic 42K)
    sociopost homepage
    This platform allows its community to vote on the best-bookmarked videos, news, and picture on the web.
  37. Mozylinks (Traffic 36K)
    mozylinks homepage
    Mozy Link is a popular social bookmarking site where content can be submitted and voted on by the community.
  38. Tracky (Traffic 34K)
    tracky homepage
    This is a project management and social collaboration platform that let anyone socialize their projects, share it publicly, store your digital things and reduce email clutter.
  39. SkyBacklinks (Traffic 34K)
    skybacklinks homepage
    This is an online service that allows users to share, store and add links across the web.
  40. LinkGoGo (Traffic 27K)
    linkagogo homepage
    LinkaGoGo enables users to view bookmarks using dynamic bookmark toolbars.

Expert Answered Questions

How many bookmarking sites are required for a site?

People can work with 10, 100 or go for 1000. It is about how much traffic one is deriving from such sites. It is not about the number of social bookmarks you have but how many conversions and visits you are going to get from these bookmarks.
You need to create Facebook, Twitter, and other accounts.
The site mentioned above should be your social bookmarking site based on your customers’ interests.
Join the community that is relevant to the site you are planning to promote. Talk to the people, connect with them and share your useful material from the web that can be the discussion point, add value to the group, ask questions, get followers, and learn what your audience wants to see and read.
Get started writing such content and share it with your followers.
You will witness a lot of discussions happening over the content and will eventually start getting visitors from these networks.
In short, sharing your content results in social bookmarking and this influences your search engine ranking which eventually results in more conversions.
If you are not seeing any conversion then you should consider double checking if you are doing SEO or spam.

Is social bookmarking still important for SEO?

Social bookmarking is one of the major factors that work for SEO as search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing want to update their results to the users. This is the best origin for search engines to get updated data. Many social Bookmarking websites give DoFollow backlinks. So whenever Google search engine crawls to the social bookmarking website, it will crawl the targeted backlinking websites. These backlinks boost up the targeted website and keywords.
– Target websites with good traffic
– Complete your profile
– Choose a relevant website for Social Bookmarking
– Submit your bookmark in the relevant category in the website
– Don’t use the same Title and Description in every submission
– Do not miss including keywords and Meta Tags portion
– Don’t use the Auto-update Social Bookmarking Tools

Do you believe in the SEO strategy of social bookmarking?

Yes, its social bookmarking strategy works well to rank websites and blogs. This is the easiest way to share your content and join with people based on their interests. When people visit websites like Reddit or Pinterest, they are asked about their interests like fashion, science, tech, etc. So when you share articles of their interest, people will read and share it. Google loves the content which interested, shared and visited by people. There are so many other benefits as well like backlines, especially Traffic Generation and followers.

What are the benefits of bookmarking submissions in SEO?

Social Bookmarking is an off-page activity. One can promote the brand, services, and products of the company. People do social bookmarking for backlink building and to increase website traffic.
The benefits of social bookmarking:
– It gives instant traffic and increases your website traffic.
– It generates backlinks to your website.

How does social bookmarking help to rank your website?

As soon as you promote your content on social bookmarking sites, you will see a rise in the number of visitors to your website. Since the social bookmarking site is authoritative sites, web crawlers or search engine spiders keep visiting them. This results in informing Google quickly about the new content on your sites that result in faster indexing of your web pages. This faster indexing also makes your site user-friendly, leading to better user experience.

Which social bookmarking site has huge traffic?

Some of the popular sites for social bookmarking submission are Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon/Mix, Dribble, Delicious, Pocket, Digg and many more.


Above mentioned more than 1000 social bookmarking sites listed for SEO are effective tools to build your brand’s presence online and attract traffic.

Thank you for reading 🙂

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