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Hi, I am Ravi Verma. An SEO Expert and freelancer from Delhi. I’ll review your site and provide an actionable SEO strategy to help increase your traffic and revenue. Find out how I can grow your website traffic. Let's schedule a consultation call.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the first thing in SEO, which means: No Keywords ≠ No SEO. Therefore, I will do extensive keyword research by keeping your audience and search volume in mind. 

SEO Strategy

It is vital to prepare a significant SEO Roadmap month to month. I will outline a roadmap for your business to deliver achievable results and long-term benefits.

Design & Development

An appealing design and SEO go hand in hand. I will suggest necessary design and development changes (if required) to convert more visitors into customers.

ravi verma

I'm Ravi Verma

Leading SEO Expert and Freelancer in Delhi

I am Ravi Verma, a freelance SEO expert in Delhi, obsessed with implementing advanced SEO strategies to grow your business.

As an experienced and versatile SEO expert in Delhi, I enjoy working with words, numbers, and search engines' complexities and their working. A passion drives me to excel in my domain, and it is always a pleasure to witness the delight on clients' faces, whose websites rank high in SERPs and get organic, targeted traffic.

My SEO Expertise

My core skills will help you to gain more results 

My experience as an SEO expert started out a few years ago in Delhi, and over this period, I have refined and fine-tuned my SEO skills to become an asset to any organisation that seeks dominant digital presence.

Local SEO95%
Link Building85%
Keyword Research95%
On-page SEO90%
Technical Auditing90%

How My Freelance SEO Consultancy Can Drive More Organic Leads?

Being an SEO expert in Delhi, I have extensive knowledge of search engine optimization that can help any company based in Delhi to achieve the higher position on any search engines and drive more organic traffic and leads. My SEO process is simple yet effective in beating your competitors.

I am someone who can help your business stand out without burning a hole in your pocket.

Readout my simple yet effective SEO process before hiring me as your freelance SEO Consultant in Delhi.

Keyword Research 

I will seek preliminary details to find the best-matched keywords suits your business. I will not leave any stone unturned before preparing your effective SEO plan.

Technical SEO Audits

I will do a technical SEO audit of your website to find possible errors and existing opportunities to improve keywords positions and traffic.

A vital step to begin SEO!

Local SEO Consulting

I will thoroughly check your local reputation on Google, and accordingly, I will improve local visibility using local citation, onsite SEO, and claiming your business on Google Maps.

Link Building Services

Link Building is like a rocket booster in any SEO campaign. So, I will develop link building strategies based on your competitors. It will help to boost your website's overall keywords positions.

Link Audits

I will review your website backlink profiles to find out potentially toxic or spammy links to disavow them.

Bad backlinks usually break the whole SEO campaign.

Content Strategy

It is like a quintessential work to begin your SEO campaign. I will prepare a result-oriented On-site and Off-site content plan matching your business requirements and users both.

Don't take my word for it!

"Ravi has a sound understanding of how search and Google rankings work. Collaborating with Ravi has helped boost our visitor engagement and this ultimately has resulted in more conversions."


SERP Company

"Ravi helped us to discover broken links on our website and then rectified them. He also worked with our team to get backlinks from credible and authoritative sites. We are extremely pleased with the SEO services provided. "


NYC Plumber

"We believe that any company with an online presence will greatly benefit from Ravi’s immense knowledge and understanding of SEO. He has been instrumental in transforming the way our business targeted audiences online and it’s borne unimaginable results. Today, our website is the first choice when people look for information related to our keywords. "

ankur goel
Ankur Goel

Cubicle Cowork

Interested to know more?

I know you're busy, but a brief call can bring us together. I assure you, I won't bore you by bragging about my achievements. Our conversation will focus on you and your business. Allow me to be your professional partner, or keep scrolling down to explore my services and learn more about me as an SEO expert in Delhi.

Why choose 'Ravi' as your SEO Consultant in Delhi?

Before I delve into details about myself, I'd like to highlight the most important reason to consider me as your freelance SEO expert for your business: I am an internet enthusiast who began working at the age of 18 while other millennials were enjoying their college life. I've spent a lot of time understanding how the internet works and all the ins and outs of SEO. Being plugged into the online world from a young age gives me a unique perspective that goes beyond the basics. With that background, I can help take your business to the next level. Let's work together to make it happen! 🙂

7+ Years of Experience

Local & International Clients

White Hat SEO Service

50+ Projects Completed & Still Working...

20k+ Leads/Sales Generated and Still Doing...

95% Retention Rate

On-time Monthly Reporting

100% Transparency

Result Oriented Work

Discover My SEO Portfolio

I have worked in various niches that are facing unique problems like duplicate content to technical issues. Check out my SEO portfolio to learn; how I solved their problems, increase keywords ranking, and website traffic. My practical approach reflects directly in the results, making me the ideal freelancer to hire as an SEO expert in Delhi.

  •     Portfolio 1    
  •     Portfolio 2   
  •     Portfolio 3    
    Portfolio 1    

Laptop Repair Niche

Website traffic increased by 129.22% in 6 months

Website was having the following challenges:

Bad UX/UI | Lot of on-site technical issues | No Targeted Pages | No KPIs were set | Zero Backlinks

The Solution:

I started working closely with the developer to create targeted pages and improve their UX/UI for our targeting audience. I fixed on-site technical issues like canonical, broken links, ahrefs lang tag, cannibalization, etc. I prepared a unique and user-friendly content adding our targeted keywords. After completing on-page optimization, I created quality backlinks by making business listings, classified submissions, forums, social bookmarkings and guest posts.

    Portfolio 2   

Fashion E commerce

Website organic traffic increased by 190.41% in 9 months.

Website was having the following challenges:

Lack of content on product pages | Broken Links | Redirection Issues | Lack of Quality Backlinks

The Solution:

I decided to audit the whole website thoroughly to determine the potential issues and timeline because it was a big website. Once I have completed my auditing, I prepared an execution plan like writing content for product pages, internal linking with the high-traffic pages, fixed all broken links by doing 301 redirections, and prepared quality backlinks by following competitors' links for the next 9 months.

    Portfolio 3    

Local Inverter Company

Website organic traffic increased by 48.98% in 12 months.

Website was having the following challenges:

Bad UX/UI | Poorly Written Content | Low Website Authority | Lack of Quality Backlinks

The Solution:

I have to work a lot on website design to improve overall user experience. Website UX and SEO go hand in hand. Next step was writing an amazing content and setup other location pages targeting low-competition keywords. After completing on-site work, I worked on link-building strategy and acquired quality backlinks by making business listings, classified, local transportation directories, and guest posts that helped us to improve website keywords positions and traffic.

SEO Expert in Delhi Driving Success

Many across the internet claim to be an SEO expert.

However, SEO requires knowledge and understanding of how Google ranks web pages and websites.

This method of ranking is constantly changing, and that is why you can benefit from my services as a Delhi SEO expert.

search engine optimization

"I have worked with numerous clients to develop a result-oriented digital strategy that helps to increase their search engine rankings and also provides leads to ensure great ROI. "

I work with in-house teams of clients to understand their target audience and the best way to target and engage them using optimized content. That, in turn, increases footfalls to their websites and results in conversions and sales. As an experienced Delhi SEO expert, I have the knowledge and skills to handle all kinds of SEO and digital marketing content, including website content, podcasts, webinars, and social media. I would love to discuss with you to understand your needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Any Question? Read FAQs

How much time will it take to see results?

It depends on your website authority, business niche, and competitions. Some client's websites have already built a strong foundation that Google loves, and it usually won't take much time to see results. On the other hand, some clients have newly built websites with little authority that can take a little longer to show results.

But I know it is crucial to have a timeline on board for how much time it will take to see results.

However, SEO usually takes six months to show results on Google.

Keep in mind; it's rough time estimation.

How do we measure SEO campaign success?

To measure the success of an SEO campaign, I usually set up the following KPI's that help my client to track their website performance; tracking Goals like sign up forms, Organic Traffic, Keywords positions, Clicks, and Impressions.

What activities included in your SEO package?

I usually perform the following activities: Technical Auditing, Keyword Research, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, KPIs. Setup, Content Auditing, Monthly Reporting, Conversion Rate Optimization at a basic level.

How much do freelancers charge for SEO?

The average experienced SEO freelancer in Delhi charges between Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 35,000 per month. The monthly cost can vary based on the client requirements, number of keywords and their difficulty level.

ravi verma

Freaky SEO

Hire SEO Expert & Freelancer Delhi

If you desire your business to excel in Google search rankings, don't hesitate to hire me as your SEO expert in Delhi. I deliver results. With my knowledge and experience, I will elevate your website to new heights. My expertise covers all aspects of SEO, making me one of the best SEO freelancers in the industry. I take a comprehensive approach, strategizing based on your business needs to consistently attract targeted and high-quality visitors to your site.

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