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The best virtual office service providers in India



Today, the prices of real estate, especially in office spaces, are touching the sky.

Many startups and even well-established businesses find it difficult to sustain their presence in premium locations to maintain their brand image.

This problem is resolved with an advanced solution for virtual offices.

It offers you all the amenities of physical office space without the burden of its overhead.

Some stats about virtual offices in India

The use of virtual offices in India has increased tremendously since 2023. It is estimated to be 60–70 percent higher than in 2022.

The virtual office market is estimated to be 49,87,28,10,000 INR, i.e., USD 600 million.

However, the real challenge for today’s businesses is choosing the right service providers who offer virtual offices in their desired locations.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best virtual office service providers in India.

We will also share the checklist to figure out which service provider will be best for your company.

The Top 13 Best Virtual Office Service Providers in India


It is the best virtual office company in India.

It offers you a prestigious professional mailing address with a business phone number and all the facilities to register your company for GST and run your business smoothly.

It provides virtual offices in almost all major tier-one, tier-two, and tier-three cities in the country.

It has virtual offices at multiple locations in every city.

The prices are highly affordable for freelancers, solopreneurs, and business owners.

The company also claims to save up to 80 percent of the total cost of regular office space.


Google Reviews:

Aaddress Google Review

2) myHQ Virtual Offices

The number two contender on our list is myHQ Virtual Offices.

They offer virtual office services in prime locations in India.

They target already-established businesses that are willing to enhance their brand image.

It provides the mailing address, telephone, call forwarding, and other basic services.

Their services might be more expensive for solopreneurs, freelancers, and sometimes even established companies.


Google Reviews: 

Most of the reviews available on Google are regarding the mobile app for myHQ Virtual Offices and not their virtual office services.

However, with the increasing popularity and business of myHQ, we reckon that it is one of the best options in India for virtual office services.

Here are some of the buzzes available for the mobile app.


“myHQ is a great solution for entrepreneurs and remote workers. The pricing is affordable, and the app makes it easy to manage my virtual office.”


“I had some trouble with customer service when I tried to change my plan. It took a few days to get someone to help me.”


“The app is convenient, but it can be a bit buggy sometimes. Overall, I’m happy with myHQ.”

3) TRIOS Coworking Space

TRIOS Coworking is one of the best virtual office providers in India.

Their virtual offices are in the city’s prime locations, which helps businesses maintain a professional image for their clients and customers.

TRIOS provides all the virtual office services, like a professional business address, phone answering, and mail handling. What makes them the best is that they even offer shared coworking space amenities to their users like work desks, meeting rooms, pantry, and other office assistance services.

Their virtual office in Pune, Gurgaon, and other cities in India has helped several freelancers, startups, and small and medium-sized businesses at affordable rates.


Google Reviews

4) iKeva Virtual Office

iKeva’s virtual offices provide you with basic facilities like address proof and a phone number.

Their prices are affordable for solopreneurs and freelancers.

They may not be able to satisfy startups and establish companies looking for advanced services for the smooth operations of their companies.


Google Reviews:

iKeva Google Reviews

5) Brickwork India Virtual Office

Brickwork India offers you a wide array of services.

Their target customers are well-established companies, big corporations, and enterprises.

They offer legal and compliance services, help the client with GST and company registration, etc.

In short, they are one stop for complete virtual office services.

However their service packages are not affordable for new companies, startups, and solopreneurs.

Their services may be costly, even for some well-established companies.


Google Reviews:

Though Google Reviews are not available for Brickwork, some insightful reviews are present on Virtual Assistant that may help you make an informed decision.

6) InstaSpaces

It is a leading virtual office service provider in India, with low-priced virtual offices in all major cities.

It offers different plans as per your needs, from basic address proof to an entire business center.

Include services like mailing addresses, meeting rooms, and call answering.


Google Reviews:

InstaSpaces Google Review

7) Coworkingers

It is a virtual office service in India that comes with GST and business registration facilities.

Highly affordable prices with no hidden charges and the best ambience.

They handle mail, calls, and business registration on your behalf while you are busy building your empire.


Google Reviews:

Coworkingers Google Review

8) Cofynd

Cofynd is a premium virtual office service in India with major premium locations in India.

It offers mailing handling, legal assistance, and GST registration, along with spacious meeting rooms and office space.

It has a high price compared to other service providers, but it offers virtual offices at prestigious locations.


Google Reviews:

CoFynd Google Reviews

9) DBS India Virtual Office

The virtual office services are available in metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and more.

It offers mail handling, call management, and office rooms at prestigious locations.

Along with above services it also offers document scanning, meeting rooms etc.


Google Reviews:

DBS Business Centers Google Review

10) 91springboard

It offers the best virtual office services, especially for solopreneurs, freelancers, and startups.

The prices are low, and a basic mailing address and phone number for correspondence are offered by the company.


Google Reviews: Google reviews are not available, but reviews on other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Glassdoor, etc. are spilling with positive buzz for 91springboard.

11) Servcorp Virtual Offices

The company offers virtual office services in more than 160 cities worldwide.

It offers a receptionist, a mailbox, address proof, and contact details for the smooth operation of the company.

Also, help companies with customer support and meeting rooms whenever required.


ServCorp Official website testimonies:

Servcorp official website testimonies

12) Register365

12) Register365

Along with virtual offices, they offer legal consultation regarding company registration, documentation, GST registration, etc.

Target customers are startups looking for professional addresses with contact details at lower prices.


Google Reviews:

Register365 Google Reviews

destroy or delete our online shop and leave us just as it is? If so, you are barbarians or even worse.

13) MyBranch Office Solutions

It offers virtual offices at lower rates to startups, solopreneurs, freelancers, etc.

Provide basic facilities like mail handling, call management, professional address proof, and a contact number.


Google Reviews:

myBranch Review

Servcorp, Register365, and MyBranch are the best virtual office service providers in India.

Their services range from basic facilities like mailing addresses and contact details to prestigious amenities like legal consulting, virtual assistance, etc.

Before picking the service provider, first figure out your needs and requirements for virtual offices. For example, are you a freelancer, solopreneur, startup, or established business? Then compare the services, facilities, and prices of the service provider.

Some companies cater to high-quality services at a higher price; do not compromise the quality of service for the lowest price. Try to balance the services vs. price ratio.

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about virtual offices that may enlighten you more on how to pick the best service provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual office?

A virtual office provides a business address, mail handling services, and other administrative support without requiring a physical office space. This lets you register your business, project a professional image, and benefit from other services like call answering and meeting room access, usually for a lower cost than traditional office space.

2. Do I need a virtual office to register my business in India?

While not mandatory, having a registered business address is essential for company registration in India. A virtual office address can fulfill this requirement and offer additional benefits like mail handling and reception services.

3. What are the typical services offered by virtual offices in India?

Common services include:
Registered business address: A prestigious address in a prime location for official communication and registration.
Mail handling: Receiving and forwarding mail, digital scanning, and online access to mail records.
Call answering: Professional call reception with personalized greetings, message taking, and forwarding.
Meeting room access: Bookable meeting rooms and conference facilities for occasional client meetings or team collaboration.
Administrative support: Assistance with tasks like document printing, courier services, and business registration.

4. How much does a virtual office cost in India?

Prices vary depending on the provider, location, and services included. Basic plans with a registered address and mail handling can start around ₹2,000 per month, while plans with call answering and meeting room access might cost ₹5,000 or higher.

5. What are the advantages of using a virtual office in India?

There are several benefits:
Cost savings: Reduce overhead costs compared to traditional office space.
Flexibility: Work from anywhere while maintaining a professional business presence.
Improved productivity: Save time on commuting and office maintenance.
Professional image: Project a credible and established business image.
Scalability: Easily adjust your virtual office plan as your business grows.

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