15 ultimate ideas to create evergreen content

15 Ultimate Ideas To Create Evergreen Content

Keeping your readers hooked is undoubtedly an art.

But I must say that coming up with an evergreen content requires good skill as well.

An evergreen content stands the test of time and hence, as a writer, requires you to pay attention to the tiniest detail to make it evergreen.

People should be able to relate to the article you have written even after two years.

Given below are some ideas which have helped me make my article evergreen.

1. An enticing title

Want to know what’s the cover to your book by which your readers will judge your content?

It’s the title!

A title is to the content what a cover is to the book.

Though you cannot judge the book by its cover, we cannot deny the fact that the cover makes an individual turn.

Same goes with the title.

A good title can lure a reader to reconsider reading your article.

An enticing title stays evergreen and therefore, it is essential to invest time to come up with a good title.

It must be simple, unique, and at the same time, not deviate from the body of your content.

It can even be a question which works equally well.

2. Avoid writing about fashion trends

When was the last time you checked for a fashion style to wear tomorrow for a party which was trending a year back to wear it tomorrow?

Fashion trends don’t make up great evergreen content as they change every season.

3. Optimized content

Use SEO best practices and its latest content strategies to optimize your content for the search.

4. For beginners

Why do people resort to the internet rather than go to a professional?
It’s because they want to know and understand the working of a particular topic.

Most of them search for ‘how-to guides’ and ‘step-by-step guides.’
Therefore, you can come up with instructional how-to guides to make your content evergreen.

Keep in mind that experts don’t require it, and thus your main focus should be on an audience of beginners.

5. Dodge those numbers

Avoid including statistics in your content. An article with statistics stays valid until the numbers remain unchanged.

6. Thorough research is crucial

Would you rather trust a writer who writes only after thorough research and thinking or the one writing vague articles?

I will choose the former any day. An evergreen content demands thorough research.

Not only will it help build your trust with the readers but shed more light on the topic and give you some more information needed to write.

7. Life hacks

Write about handy life hacks. Since it benefits people, it will be evergreen. You need not stick to your domain for such topics.

8. Circumvent news articles

Today’s headlines cannot be tomorrow’s headlines. Just as with the case of fashion trends, the news keeps changing globally.

Hence, you must avoid writing news articles if you want to make it evergreen.

9. Laughter is the best content

Laughter is not only the medicine but a fantastic attractive point to the readers.

Including humour in your article is bound to attract readers, keep them engaged, and thus, make it evergreen. It is very difficult to do so and if you haven’t tried it, you must.

10. Share your story

Let your readers know what the ups and downs in your life, your failures, your successes were. Life stories are always evergreen.

11. Format well

Who has the time to read pages filled with mere paragraphs and no subheadings?

Formatting your work is as important as coming up with the content.
Pay attention to how you space your content and whether you have main bullet points for the reader’s convenience.

Write subtopics to increase the readability and highlight them along with the keywords.

12. Avoid writing about daily activities of celebrities

Daily activities of stars and such trends are a big no-no for evergreen contents, and for the same reason which is, it keeps changing every day.

13. Thou shall not repeat your sentences unnecessarily

Let your content be up to the main topic and precise. Don’t write random and repetitive stuff just to fill the word count (if there is any).

14. Need for the fresh data

How nice is it to find a unique article amongst every other article echoing the same said things?

Fresh content is proportional to the amount of time the reader spends reading your article (provided it satisfies all the other content parameters).

Write fresh and personalized content to make it evergreen. Moreover, remember to keep it simple and unique at the same time.

15. Product reviews

Reviewing products increases your credibility and also is an excellent idea for evergreen content.

You can even go one step ahead and provide alternatives to products.

These were some ideas on how to make a content evergreen.

It has worked for other writers and for me as well.

Remember to write it from your heart so the readers will be able to relate to it.


Author: Ravi Verma

He is a digital marketer and creator of Freaky SEO. He enjoys working with words, numbers and the complexities of search engines and their working. You can connect with him on Linkedin or tweet @ digitalverma. Do you have excellent ideas to share with netizens? Come write for us.

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