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30 Free Article Submission Sites for SEO 2024 + Instant Approval

If you are looking to improve your website referral traffic and are interested in gaining a quality backlink then this is an amazing guide to article submission sites for 2024.

In this blog post, you will learn all about the best article submission sites to sort out based on free and instant approval for generating backlinks and referral traffic. 

Article Submission is an off-page SEO technique to promote your content and attract referral traffic to your money site. 

Generally, Article submission refers to the writing of individual articles that will apply to your online product or services, and then you post them to common article submission sites.

Remember to submit the article under the appropriate categories of standard article submission websites. 

You are supposed to generate quality articles and submit them under appropriate categories of article submission websites.  

The article’s primary purpose is to achieve higher rankings for both keywords and pages in search engines. 

Article submission sites are of great significance as they help to enhance the content. 

By this approach, high quality of backlinks can be achieved and is, therefore, a successful SEO strategy. 

Top 10 Article Submission Sites

Freaky SEO brings you the compiled list of top 10 article submission sites

    Google provides this mechanism for link building. Users can use it to add content and significance to blogs. It’s cost-free.
  2. Front Article
    This site is a prominent article submission website.  Due to its good domain ranking, you have a wide audience.
  3. Ezinearticles
    It is a content marketing website which provides a wide range of content to its readers. Ezinearticles is commonplace for marketing and content promotion activities. This website has a good audience base and is still free of charge.
  4. Apsense
    This site allows for content posting and builds a professional network. There are thousands of like-minded writers who publish post content on regular basis. Thus, it is a great platform to drive more traffic to your website at minimal efforts.  
  5. Self Growth
    Self Growth helps users to post their article online. It offers a wide variety of categories and thus accounts for a full acknowledgement room for the user’s articles.
  6. Article biz
    This website is popular with readers as well as writers. It is similar to the website listed above,, as it has an extensive database of content. It also has a large number of viewers.
  7. Goarticles
    This site helps users to post the article on a variety of websites. It has a database of lists of articles with a broad variety of categories.
  8. BeBee
    Bebee is another popular collaborative platform for professionals where you can create and share blogs easily. It offers the features of combining a number of posts, or concentrating on one subject or even making a point.
  9. Tumblr
    Tumbler facilitates the creation of microblogs and lets its users exchange content with a network of authors. You can create blogs on this platform in minimum time.
  10. Quora
    Quora is a website featuring content in a question and answer format. Its goal is to help communicate and increase awareness globally. Choosing to send an article can also be very useful for you, as it is one of the highest-ranked platforms for reaching the right types of audiences. It also ensures a fruitful backlinking opportunity.

Article submission helps increase search traffic,  leads, sales, and, ultimately, increases the company’s reliability. 

Therefore, here is an extensive list of other popular’s free article submission sites of 2024.

Free Article Submission Sites

Site NameDomain AuthorityPage Authority

Free & Instant Approval Article Submissions 

Article submission sites with instant approval add to the overall productivity of this off-page SEO strategy.

Instant approval speeds up submitting an article by eliminating the long delay that individuals go through after submitting their posts. 

Ensure your article is SEO optimized and contains proper keywords. 

Remember a good content reflects good marketing. Article submission sites with instant approval help the blog gain traction and exposure faster as the article submission process becomes modestly time-consuming.

These are some of the best Free & Instant Approval Article Submission Sites.

How to write an article that can rank?

To make progress, you have to make sure the content ranks in google search.

Here are some rules that you need to follow to write an article that can rank.
1. Magical Titles

Your title must have some magic. Google can only love your content if your title is worth clicking.

Don’t try to stuff in your keyword or be over creative. Your title should fall under 60 characters and 5-8 words.

Your title should captivate the user’s eye. Don’t try to overload information in it; instead, offer the essential information.

2. Multimedia

Ensure you choose eye-catch multimedia. You can use pixels and other similar websites to use free images. Don’t use images that pixelate. Ensure your images are of vibrant colors. Write captions and alt tags explaining the image relevancy. It makes the article user and SEO friendly.

3. Dividing Information 

Chunking information is vital. Divide your information through bullet points or different sized headings.

If you don’t do this, your article will look like a boring, monotonous essay. Google likes user-friendly content, so you have to ensure this.

Shorter paragraphs tend to attract readers to stay longer and better absorb details. Google aims strongly at websites designed for readers to skim and quickly digest the knowledge they are trying to find.

4. Internal and External links

In the process of analyzing your article, Google examines whether or not you link to other relevant and vital sources or information.

By adding links to scientific research and journal articles, not only can you make yourself look like an authority — you can also boost your search engine ranking. 

5.Right Keyword

It can be challenging to find the right keyword in your niche. You can use various keyword search tools like Semrush.

Using the keyword search tool will help you understand what the readers are searching for, and as a result, you will come up with similar creative and unique ideas. But the thumb rule here is don’t overuse and underuse the keyword.

Depending on your article length, use your keyword around 2-3% of the time and fit in alternate keywords.

The more the number of relevant keywords, the easier it will be for google to search and rank your content.

Advantages of Article Submissions 

  • Boost the ranking of your website on search engines. 
  • Create interest and spread awareness about your brand, leading to an increase in your website’s popularity and visibility.
  • Helps to build trust
  • Increases conversion rate
  • Helps you to create backlinks with various high Domain Rating websites

Every backlink helps to increase the popularity of your website. The submission of Article increases the number of readers and creates traffic.

It will boost brand presence. These backlinks stay for a lifetime.

How to promote your Article on social media? 

  1. Share it on Facebook

There are three ways to share your Article on Facebook

  • Link Posts

In this kind of post, you share the link to your post. You have the authority to edit the link description, heading, and preview image.

To make the most out of it, follow the step by step approach.

> Find Image: Your image should be eye-catching, make your readers curious, spark emotion, or send a strong message. You have to think about this with a more profound sense because this is the first thing the audience will notice.

>Think about the heading: There are various formulas for perfect heading. The only golden rule here is to make sure you tie your content in others’ interest and make them curious. Headings should always be short and crisp.

>Edit description: Whenever you write the description, keep in mind that the description is for the people who are on the verge of clicking your link. Give a genuine description of your content and primary takeaways

  • Facebook Image Posts

We all know image posts receive higher engagement. The only thing you need to remember is the image should be relevant, attractive, and presented with the right copy. Image posts comprise an image, post copy, and your link.

>Facebook Images dimensions:

Normal post image: 403 x 504 pixels
Highlighted post image: 843 x 403 pixels

If you are trying to run a paid promotion for your image post, ensure you don’t use more than 20% of the text on your image.

  • Video/Rich Media post

Post a piece of influential, valuable, informative media like a video from youtube or audio clip from SoundCloud instead of an image. When you click on this post, the media starts playing.

2. Tweet your post

Twitter functions effortlessly. Remember to tweet more often than your Facebook posts.

Tweeting with image links gets double the engagement. Ensure your copy is pertinent to the image or delivers content if the image doesn’t speak for itself.

It is entirely okay if your image does not relate to your content. But it should have a loose connection with your content. Ensure you use the relevant hashtags to get good engagement.

You can either manually search the hashtags or use tools like Hashtagify to search the relevant hashtags.

> Make sure the community focus is relevant to your content.

3. Share on LinkedIn

Share your post on your LinkedIn profile. You can join up to 50 LinkedIn groups.

There will be a limited but more engaging audience. Search for relevant groups, but ensure you don’t be a part of any stale or non-moderate group as they receive many spams. Follow the same rules that we stated for the google+ community. 

4. Pinterest

Don’t pin all your images on the same board. Go to the respective site, and pin it using the “Pin It” bookmarklet.

Upload the images you created as pins. Don’t forget to give an influential description and set the source to the Article’s website.

5. Instagram

Instagram has become a prevalent platform. Share your post with the perfect image just like you shared on LinkedIn and use as many relevant hashtags you can use. 

Article promotion Schedule

Day 1

  • Share on Twitter with pictures.
  • Retweet the site that published your content.
  • Share on your Facebook page with a link and Instagram page.
  • Share from the publisher’s page on your personal profile.
  • Pin to Pinterest.
  • Share to LinkedIn.
  • Share with the three most relevant LinkedIn groups.

Day 2

  • Share the link on Twitter.
  • Retweet someone else who shared it.
  • Share in 1-3 more relevant LinkedIn groups.
  • Upload a unique pin on Pinterest.

Day 3

  • Share an image and link tweet.
  • Mention an influencer or reference directly on Twitter and let them know.
  • Pin another image from the post.

Day 4

  • Share an image post on your Facebook page and instagram post.
  • Share the post from your Facebook page on your personal Facebook profile.
  • Mention an influencer in your tweet.
  • Retweet an influencer or reader with a comment.
  • Share in (3-5) remaining relevant LinkedIn groups.
  • Upload custom image pins on Pinterest.

Day 5

  • Send out a tweet with an image.
  • Send out a regular tweet.
  • Mention remaining influencers on Twitter.
  • Send a message to nonresponsive influencers’ Facebook page.
  • Share on LinkedIn as an update.

Day 6

  • Send out a tweet.

Day 7

  • Send out a tweet with an image.
  • Post to LinkedIn profile.
  • Send an email to the people from your email list.

Wrapping it up!

Online marketing is booming.

It is essential to deliver the online presence irrespective of the size of the business.

The critical objective behind digital marketing is to increase your audience and improve your website’s search engine ranking.

Article submission is one of the most efficient, practical, accessible, and budget-friendly SEO techniques.

This methodology enhances your website’s visibility and popularity. You have the opportunity to submit your articles on free submission sites and generate high domain authority backlinks. 

Do comment if you have any queries or views; we’ll be happy to help you.

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