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Locanto Australia: An Ultimate Guide to post ads for FREE

This is an Australian portal that is a one-stop-shop for all your needs. 

Not only can you see postings, but you can also post your own ads. 

The ideal way to connect the citizens of Australia, this portal is free to be used by all Australians who are looking for a service or are offering a service. 

This is an awesome website for independent business owners and startup ideators as it helps reach out to people all over the country and attract a lot of clients without having to spend many dollars on marketing strategies. 

What is Locanto?

Locanto Australia is a brainchild of a popular and highly successful internet company called Yalwa

This German internet company was founded by Klaus Gapp in the year 2006. With more than 10 years in the digital market, Yalwa has created two major branches to increase their reach, and Locanto Australia is one of them. 

Being active in over 65 countries all over the world, Locanto is based on the concept of promoting local businesses and economies.

In Australia particularly, Locanto is used as a classifieds service where one can post an ad for free (yes, you read that right).

Targeted for local needs and services, people post all types of listings – from needing a babysitter to selling second-hand furniture, you can do it all!

There are no limitations on Locanto, which is what makes it so special and unique. 

You can use this portal to start a new career, meet with like-minded people, start a book club…

The opportunities are endless!

How Can One Use Locanto Australia To Promote Their Business?

It can be tricky when you are an independent business owner to understand the market alone.

Unlike multinational companies that have a major hold in almost every industry that they are a part of, local and independent businesses don’t have the advantage of reach. 

But they do have one thing that gives them an upper hand as compared to the MNCs – they have the soul, passion, and drive. 

It is important to remember and keep in mind that while the world is constantly promoting globalization and standardization, local economies and businesses are the future and will help the economy be more stable. 

Locanto understands this, which is why they felt the need to have a country-specific online portal where people who are not affiliated with major names and brands and put out to the world what they have to offer and give them an equal opportunity to get clients and build a loyal fanbase. 

Just like how the local newspaper has a classifieds section where people can post their requirements, be it for a job or for any service they offer, Locanto Australia essentially employs the same concept but makes it better! 

As you know, we are living in a digital age where all the answers lie on the internet. 

Just a quick few web searches and you can get whatever information you need.

How does Locanto Australia help your local business?

  • It helps you reach out to different crowds of people

Not only can you extend you reach to a way wider audience as compared to your local newspaper, with Locanto you can reach a niche that you would have otherwise never really come across.

Since Locanto is free for everyone to upload an ad or browse through, it is very easy to gather eyeballs of unsuspecting people you would have not gotten in touch in any other scenario.

And you never know, you might find the most loyal fanbase in the least expecting area!

It is quite exciting to put yourself out there and be rewarded for the good work you do.

  • It allows you to post your ads for free

Locanto is one of the few online portals that allow you to post ads for whatever need or service you are offering for absolutely no cost!

All you need to do is come up with a catchy write-up that describes your need/service in the best possible way, add some attention-grabbing pictures, choose a category that you feel best suits your ad, and post!

Now all you need to do is wait for people to reach out to you, and take it from there. 

  • You can buy a premium membership to boost your business

If you really want to make the best use of Locanto Australia, then we suggest that you go ahead and buy a premium account.

Sure, this means that you will have to put in some money to buy this type of account, but the returns that you will get in the future will help you make up for this investment, and more!

Ads posted from premium accounts have the advantage of getting viewed 10 times more than ads posted from a free account. 

  • You can connect with like-minded people 

If you have a startup and are struggling to find people who share the same mindset as you and are wanting to jump into this new exciting venture with you, then give Locanto a shot!

This is a very popular site for people who are wanting to dip their toes into something new and exciting, so it is very likely that you will come across someone who fits the bill exactly for you.

  • It is a safe and protected website

All the ads posted on Locanto are verified and we encourage people to communicate only with the Locanto team when they have any doubts.

The Locanto team is well-equipped to handle all types of questions and will make sure that you get the best customer experience possible. 

With Locanto, you can not only reach a wider audience, but you can promote your business for a vey cheap price, cheaper than what it would have costed if you invest in traditional modes of marketing. 

After all, if someone notices that your business has a soul and stays true to its word, the people will come on their own and will stay for the long haul.

This is the ultimate secret to building a successful brand. 

Author: Ravi Verma

He is a digital marketer and creator of Freaky SEO. He enjoys working with words, numbers and the complexities of search engines and their working. You can connect with him on Linkedin or tweet @ digitalverma. Do you have excellent ideas to share with netizens? Come write for us.

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