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7 Ways to Market Your Product to a Worldwide Audience

We live in a global economy.

No longer do business owners need to be restricted to where they market their products.

However, this can be both a blessing and a curse.

It’s a blessing because your potential market is nearly the entire 8+ billion people in the world.

It’s a curse because a global economy creates more competition for you as a business owner.

This means you need to know how to stand out from the crowd.

In this article, we’ll take a look at seven best ways you can effectively market your product to a worldwide audience of eager buyers.

Let’s dive in.

1. Understand How to Use SEO

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Google is by far the most used search engine in all parts of the world. While the search algorithms can vary by country, the standard practices of effective SEO remain the same regardless of location.

When optimizing your site, find the most relevant search terms throughout the world that relate to the products you’re selling. Mix them in throughout your website, product descriptions and regular blog posts.

This will make your website turn up on the first search results page in all corners of the world.

2. Make Sure Your Website Translates to Many Languages

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Once you get worldwide users to land on your site due to your expert SEO practices, you’ll want them to be able to navigate the site in their native language.

This makes a huge impact on potential buyers.

Depending on the CMS you’re using for your website, this can be done relatively easily.

For example, WordPress offers several free or paid plugins that will automatically translate your website into 80+ languages based upon the IP address of the person accessing your site.

While the translations may not be perfect (the plugins typically use Google Translate as the translation generator), they will be understandable to the native reader.

If you want to go above and beyond, consider hiring freelancers that can translate your site into different languages in more detail.

This will be much more expensive, but the payoff may be worth it.

3. Maximize Your Video Marketing Efforts

man and woman recording video using camera on tripod

Videos “speak” in all languages.

YouTube is also available to a worldwide audience.

If you haven’t started a YouTube channel for your business yet, you’re missing out on billions of potential customers.

Your videos can be created effortlessly using an online video creator tool, allowing you to unleash your creativity and reach a global audience. Whether you aim to educate, entertain, or promote products, the power of one viral video can amplify your business’s visibility, connecting you with millions of potential customers worldwide. Let this tool be your gateway to success in the ever-expanding online video landscape.

4. Market with a Story That Resonates

People all over the world love a good story.

What inspired you to start your business?

What happened the first time a customer bought one of your products?

What’s the best story you have about how your product changed the life of one of your customers?

Use effective storytelling on your website and in your other marketing campaigns.

5. Use Targeted Social Media Advertising on a Worldwide Scale

social media icons

Social media advertising can be used to market to just the people that live in your town. It can also be used to market to people in almost any country in the world.

Use targeted social media advertising in selected countries that you believe would be interested in what you’re selling. Find the most responsive locations, then ramp up your efforts there.

6. Know-How to Be Multi-Cultural

Before you start marketing to other countries, take time to learn a bit about their culture.

different culture

Become an expert in what’s important to them and how to appeal to what they’re looking for.

Once you understand the nature of a culture, it’s much easier to craft marketing messages that will resonate and succeed.

7. Use Amazon

There are well over 300 million Amazon buyers throughout the world. If your product isn’t on Amazon you’re missing out on a huge worldwide market.

amazon homepage screenshot

Setting up a seller’s account on Amazon is very straightforward and inexpensive. Listing your products is even easier.

If you really want to ramp up your Amazon sales, sign up for Fulfillment by Amazon services.

Getting Your Product to the World

Marketing to a worldwide audience is a must in today’s economy.

With these seven tips, you’ll be on your way to worldwide marketing success.

Comment below your favourite product marketing strategy and platforms.

Guest Post Contributed by Melbourne SEO JoelHouse

Author: Ravi Verma

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