importance of confirmation email in ecommerce

Importance Of Confirmation Email In eCommerce

When customers step into your digital store and they stay longer than you expected then get ready for the journey for which you are here.

New customers are so delicate because they know very little about your brand so give them time to get information about you.

Make sure every information about you is straightforward and your customers will automatically start to believe in you.

Web Design Template’s business core value is trust and loyalty.

Browsing on your store and spending lots of time and reading specific information about products is good but your real test as an owner of an eCommerce Themes Store measures after a customer purchases a product from you.

After product purchase means your customer expects some of the things from you which ties up with you until they get a delivery of a product.

In this context, the confirmation email comes as a saviour for you,

Moreover, it’s an exceptional eventuality for you and your company to create a never-ending relationship of trust and loyalty. 

In this article, we are going to tell you about how communication through digital words with the medium of email is important for you and your eCommerce Web Development Business.      

What Is Confirmation Email? 

A confirmation email is a digital messaging system sent by a merchant when a customer has completed a transaction on an eCommerce store for their product.

Moreover, this email contains highly important details such as item purchased, how much amount paid, customer’s address and so on. This email can not be shared with anyone. 

In general, a confirmation mail is also considered as the potential methods to turn your one-time buyer into a long-lasting customer.

Well written content in email can trigger the customer’s emotions, excitement and remove all their confusion at one time. 

SaaS platforms like Shopify helps its users who use Shopify Themes Websites to provide the best email solution.

Email Confirmation Give Customers A Hope      

When a customer enters your store, the chances are less for you if they become your customer or not.

All things depend on your store’s content like trust badges, previous customer reviews and most importantly secure payment options because all things apart you assure your customers that you won’t do anything with their payment transaction details. 

In the context of email confirmation, when a customer successfully places an order from your store chances are still critical for them because they haven’t received any confirmation email from you.

As soon as you send mail to them they feel relief and instantaneously starting to put trust in you. 

It’s a delicate and hand to hand opportunity for you and your brand if you succeed in it then get ready to witness the storm of customers on your eCommerce store. 

An Opportunity To Engage With Your Subscribers  

When you send your customer a confirmation mail then you’ll have access to their email address and now you can send every promotional or any other mail related to your brand directly to your customer and indirectly you have turned them into your mail subscribers. 

If you are using Professional Website Themes then it will become easy for you to send direct mail from your store with Personalized Content.

It takes time to create content that can connect with your customers. Once you achieve this title you engage with any customer and earn their loyalty and trust at the same time. 

Add Some Visuals Into Your Confirmation Email 

Those days have gone now, where eCommerce users send simply written emails to their customers.

Now the time has changed people want something unique even if it’s email. When you send a confirmation email it should look similar to your website as it represents your brand name. 

One of the best ways to represent your brand in your email is to use your brand logo on email copy. In contrast, your logo tells 50% of the story of your brand. Conversely, just remember that don’t overuse the colors just keep up with as simple as it is but you can play with visuals and content though. 

Best OpenCart Themes and platforms give you the ability to customize your mail templates as per your wish and connect with your customers easily. 

Mobile Users Are On Board 

It’s a piece of concrete advice for every eCommerce owner that if you design anything for your store then always keep in mind that your customers are using the store on their mobile phone.

According to, nearly 1.7 billion users check their email on their mobile phones, as compared to the desktop data, which is around 0.9 billion users.

On the other hand, if you use tons of content, images and call-to-actions in your email then your customers can hardly read any one word and skip your email and even in worst cases, they unsubscribe from your daily or weekly email receiving process.

Just to keep it simple and don’t put unnecessary stuff into it, just use mandatory stuff and give your customers real treats on the mobile screen.

Webibazaar Templates are Web services provided for Free eCommerce Themes Platforms supported. Which services are Provided PSD To PrestaShop, PSD To OpenCart, PSD To WooCommerces.

In The End: Thank You 

It doesn’t matter if a customer is purchasing from you for the first time or 10th time, it’s your responsibility to thank them every time because they are investing their precious money into your brand’s product/service. 

Use some of the great content and try to personalize it to some extent, therefore, your customers can never feel that you are feeling left out or doing it under-pressure, No. makes them believe that you are heartily welcoming them because they choose your service among the other competitors. 

eCommerce Platform BigCommerce helps you to do this if you have a BigCommerce Themes Shop. It helps to create good content for your store. In fact, every eCommerce platform helps you to create the best email outreach strategy for your store.

All Is Up To You Now 

A well-designed confirmation will help your customer to understand that the transaction they recently made is 100% pure and it helps to build a foundation of trust and loyalty and a never-ending relationship. Nevertheless, just remember that no matter how many unique concepts you use, always adhere to standard rules of the email making process.

An effective confirmation email gains potential feelings about your company in your customer’s eyes so work hard in this direction and find more good ways to get your customer’s trust.

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