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Did you know that a search engine uses domain age as a ranking factor? So, if a domain if five years old or more, major search engines will rank them at the top compared to domains that are new. Hence, it is important to know the age of a domain. Businesses are always worried about SEO and their website ranking. An SEO specialist can use domain age checker tools to determine the age of the website. As stated earlier, older domains enjoy better ranking compared to newer ones. Hence, the specialist will spend less time and effort to optimise an older site. Instead, they can focus on other more important targets. If you are looking to buy an existing domain, use domain age checker tools to ascertain the age of the site. An older site will have more traffic and hence, it will be easier to convert visitors into paying customers. The same cannot be said about a new domain, which is still trying to establish itself. As a part of your SEO strategy, you will be trying to get backlinks from other authority sites. These links are a sign of trust and this trust is more easily available to older sites than newer ones. Also, search engines view sites with more backlinks in a favourable light. Hence, you can use the age of the site to determine its trustworthiness if you are looking to buy it.


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